What To Eat To Build Muscle

Eating For Muscle

Do you need some ¬†high protein cheap meals. Now I’m not forgetting the snacks that you’re going to have in the mid-morning and afternoon. We’re going to deal with snacks later on in the series, but for now let’s put our attention to lunch and specifically what I like to eat and some other options that you like to eat, that are simple, a little bit creative and that are not going to taste so bad Basically I know it looks like we have a lot of stuff here on the counter and, like I said last time, if you buy this stuff in whole, it becomes very easy to do your job in preparing your lunch It becomes very easy to make sure you always have this stuff on hand and ready to go. So I want to start at this end over here.

One of my main things that I like to eat is grilled chicken, kind of like chicken sandwich. Stay away from the deli meats, guys. They’re loaded with salts you’ll see they’ll come in a big bawl. When was the last time you saw a turkey that was actually in the shape of a bawl? This stuff is actually processed and thrown together, not good for you Stick to the real stuff, stick to the chicken breasts I’ve got a big bag here a 10 pound bag, again you can buy it at BJ’s, Costco, Wholesale. Take out a lasagna pan, a big pan to hold these, take about 8 or so whatever you use for lunches or dinners and we’ll talk about using the same things for dinner.

But for your week, you shouldn’t have to worry about cooking every single day. Let’s take enough so it will last us for a week, so it’ll be a lot more convenient. You throw those in here, one can of tomatoes it’s real simple guys. All you have to know is how to open it with a can opener Put in here a little onion, some garlic. Now spices there’s some dry mushrooms, pasta sprinkler so this right here, sandwich sprinkler. They make these spices grouped together just for the guys like us that don’t really know what to do in the kitchen. We can just put them in here, we know we’re getting a blended mix it has oregano, it has basil, it has everything in one shot. Put that in here into the oven on 4:25 for just an hour. That’s it! Let it stay uncovered.

Now this will be done use this throughout the day For lunch, I’ll take this, I’ll put some whole wheat bread, a little lettuce, tomato, some salsa and that’s it. It’s a great sandwich, you can even toast the bread up to get a little texture change. But it’s really good, that’s what I have all the time, when I have the time to do that I love it, I take it on the go, I eat it in the car Some other options you have here tuna I used to kid around with my wife, but I used to eat this from the can in college It was sort of what I survived on, but we can make it taste better now. We can do a better job simply by having some other things to mix it with If you’re going to go on the mayo route, as in making a tuna salad sandwich, stick with the light mayo or the non-fat mayo It’s just going to save you a lot of calories, a lot of unnecessary fat.

You can switch it up, you can use some salmon instead of using the actual tuna instead. You can put it on with some sandwich again, with bread, with some vinegar, some lemon juice, some red peppers. Whatever you want just to increase the taste of this, it will taste a lot better than just plain tuna, like I did. Put it on a sandwich, you can even mix it with a little bit of salad So we sort of cleared up all this space here, but one of the best things that I like is sort of my secret weapon. When I am behind schedule, when I’m running late and I need to get something in go to cereal You’ll see in the meal plans two of the ones that I recommend the most are: Go Lean and Heart to Heart Now don’t get it confused with the.

What’s great about this is there’s actually 12 grams of protein in this cereal and there’s a lot of fibre too. I challenge you to find other cereals that taste this good and have that nutritional content and the Heart to Heart is not too far behind. A bowl of cereal, some skid milk, a little extra protein with the yogurt, your favorite kind of yogurt they’re all pretty much the same. But a non-fat yogurt is really good and that’s it for 3 minutes and then out the door and I feel like I’ve definitely got a good meal.

So again, I’ve got sort of my go-to meals, I’ve got some alternatives for when I’m on the run There’s also fruits that you can grab at any point in time, real quick and easy. Guys, these are the meal plans that have a lot for me the potential to build muscle and to burn fat, much easier than it would have been before in terms of what my option were I want to give these meal plan to you, as well 90 days worth of meal plans that come with the ATHLEAN-X training system. When you combine the two of those, in the next 90 days you won’t believe how much of an impact it can have on you, just through a concerted effort through your diet and we don’t even have to call it a diet, because this is not restricting yourself here.

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