Having the Best Muscle Diet Plan

Best Muscle Diet Plan

Are you on a muscle diet plan. You don’t need to have this meal frequency every 20 minutes otherwise you will go backwards. It’s just not the case eat when it’s convenient for you. Don’t over think it too much and think you’ve got to eat on the hour. I just you have to put a snack in of a tin of tuna and some avocado because that ties me in between the lunch and dinner. I love I’m just talking so casually enough just think. There’s just this flat ball in the corner. Anyway obviously you guys soon I want to take this furball for a bear. Let’s go back from cardio food bear absolute dead hand. It’s time for the snacks. We’ve got Sarina tuna in oil drained and we’re just going to have that with quarter of an avocado a ripe avocado. It’s just very rare if I trained like not fasted this would be my play workout meal too so just a small amount of protein it fats and I’ll just add whatever veggies like cucumber or other green veg to this. But pretty simple pretty simple snack.

Check it you see the best if you haven’t it’s arena to night. It is the only way all right. What’s soup for dinner lunch dinner time. We have some chicken thighs and again these are skinny asparagus bubble guts of asparagus and broccoli. So I’m just going to oven-baked my chicken thighs. We some of this Nando’s peri-peri rub check it see that so dry seasoning. it’s pretty low in calories. You don’t need a lot of it because I’m weird chicken gloved gang. You don’t like touching that a chicken so I always used to have chicken breasts and chicken tenderloins because of Elena. But we are increasing calories increasing fats and these are so much nicer. So if you’re looking to put on muscle you might want to you know take them chicken breast of your diet. Add this in it seriously so chicken glutes. This will last me a few days for sure certainly have really one. One sigh these chickens having the thickest legs definitely do hip to us haven’t tried this one before

So that’s nice otherwise I’ve ruined several. That’s where the dinner. In my oven it takes around eighteen to twenty minutes. So I’ll set the time up put them in and then to prep these veggies so again. We’re just going to chop up the asparagus and broccoli. I’ve already done this before you guys don’t need to see it again. So let’s just skip that so sorry. We don’t have any other vegetables except this probably looks a bit boring same as lunch. Usually have something different but anyway I’m going to cook these that’ll be another 15 minutes. And then we’ll be done the chicken is cooked. It’s nice and juicy so I’m just going to I’m going to weigh this out have about 120 grams cooked. And then I’m just waiting the veggies now in a microwave and I have some sauerkraut with this to it because it’s delicious.

And one on those asking as well this is my food scale very simple it says sofrito then if that’s of any significance but if you’re wondering just cheap and easy if you guys don’t have a food scale seriously invest in getting one because then after used to using it you just be able to eyeball foods. So let’s see how good my guessing is this pace I reckon that’s 118 not 150 my bad because it’s thick there that’s why now just like to season my veggies with salt pepper and sometimes a bit of olive oil. But you can season with whatever you want you can take it from a few hundred for like it that is hot. Oh that’s actually really hot and yeah because I have a massive appetite.

I kind of need a lot of green veggies too to keep before there. We go guys this is dinner every night. We have chicken thighs greens and sauerkraut pretty good again just protein and fats with the fibers of course. So I’m going to smash this one down and then next meal. Meal is a smoothie very easy and tasty so precision and last meal. We have our smoothie. So what we’re doing is a tablespoon of peanut butter about 200 grams of frozen berries and a script of I slept. So just the WPI and banana so good taste amazing. We’re just going to blend this up if you want you can put xanthan gum in it and make like the fluff. But um I’m not sure hungry tonight. I’m just going to have as is got this hike or blender tastes like banana began my way to go amazing and we’ve got Mavis natural no and sugar should have a crunchy oh what am i doing. What am i doing with my life guys crunchy or smooth.

What you reckon heaven good blend that’s a that is good before I was having yoghurt before bed they said yoghurt with protein and it was I really enjoyed it but as soon as I took that out it was crazy how different I looked the next lessly. One similar calories and I woke up the next day looking. so much leaner so I think the dairy didn’t agree with me I didn’t even didn’t even realize never think about it didn’t grow and they made me look a little bit more bloated bit more puffy so as soon as we cut that out cut the yogurt out feeling so much better looking so much better and even things.

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