Getting The Right Weight

Getting the Right Protien

Do you think does protein make you gain weight. I’ll show you a full baby trend legs absolutely cooked it the reason. You can’t see these right now is because this look cooked off the bone. I don’t even have any legs anymore but um I’m starving so my brains are running a bit strange. Before I eat I thought I want everyone you guys through my daily diet because I’m trying to build muscle. So you’re saying what should I be eating what are you eating everyone is different. So we’re doing my diet have changed a few things around and he doesn’t know about my food challenges. So that’s the first thing that changed and we’re increasing calories. So I’ve been increasing their calories for probably a couple of months. I had to diet down a little bit to get a bit leaner and then I was happy at that point and I thought I ought to put some more back in but really you guys are probably surprised at how long my calves are. And how they’re mainly just around my workouts.

We’re doing a lot of nutrient timing oriented stuff so my post-workout meal will be basically all of my carbs come to think of it and then the rest is protein and fats. So one of the first changes was jacking up my fats I think on my fat around 40 grams and I think they’re around 18 now. So I’m just increasing put some steak in. So it’s probably changed a bit but anyway. I’ll show you guys my meals what I have on a day-to-day basis and why really a few things. We’ve done differently one. We’ve chucked a couple of refeeds in a week sometimes one sometimes two. I don’t really know when they’re coming you. Just it just tells me eat this try that and I’ll just see how it goes. Just be pretty exciting but um but he’s not a fan of the happy meal. so I’m not I’m trying to limit my food challenges. I think I’ll hope I’ll put one in there soon in the next few weeks or a month and um and we’ll work around. It not try I’ll try to limit the damage because doing the food challenges all the time.

It’s hard to build a quality physique when you’re having you know thousands of calories in one sitting. So anyway that’s about it guys. Let’s get into the food because I am absolutely starving. What we’ve got is this is the post-workout meal. So this morning I trained fasted. So didn’t need anything smash the legs and now it’s time to get something in the system. So I’ll be getting it like I was saying I’ll be getting all my carbs post-workout basically. So what we’re having is rice flakes I know a lot of you probably haven’t even seen these I hadn’t seen these until always told me about them. They’re just basically like dried rice so we have nearly a cup of these and have a tablespoon of cinnamon. All that this whole hub that’s one meal just proved it now as we have about a tablespoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon is really good to help with insulin sensitivity so the rate that you absorb the carbs and utilize them . So I have a bunch of cinnamon with this yeah and we’ve got some almond milk. You don’t want to be eating this dry because you’ll probably be just like chewing glass.

It’s pretty crunchy and of course we have some WPRI are superb labs just while I’ve got you buddy. HP Labs are running a pretty crazy deal at the moment. I think it’s about 60 or 70 percent off and so you don’t miss out I won’t bore you guys with it now but I’m but yeah definitely check it out. So what we’ll do is two thirds of a cup of rice flakes and we’ll add the protein a lot of people when they’re when they use cinnamon trying to be healthy. They’re putting like a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ll show you how much you need it to get the benefit that is a lot of cinnamon. I should’ve the cinnamon challenge or do it later so you can heat at least about 7 grams of cinnamon for to do. Anything berries in they usually have around 200 grams of berries and just the almond milk. so here we have meal one I’ll put the macros in the description it’s just like a little crunchy cereal so this is the post-workout meal just carbs and protein.

So we need the way is very fast it’s hydrolyzed. Whey so it’s just very fast absorbing and it’s tastes fantastic. You guys hear that crunch oh yeah just when I’ve said 10 to 8 I have a look inverse. Just taking a pass on the floor I do not understand this the door is open. You’re chilling what’s over you suck there well that’s super frustrating. I’m going to have to clean up the dog pay that’s on my floor and have to finish this meal later. So next meal we have is some steak which will in the season with salt pepper and we’ve got some vegetables. So just a head of broccoli I think this we call and we have some giant big asparagus look at that you could kill someone with this you could actually use these as weapon all right so what so what I’m going to do is I’m going to season the steak just with salt and pepper.

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