Foods To Build Muscle & Lose Fat

Best Food For Fats

Do you often think how to calculate muscle mass. The million dollar question can you gain muscle at the same time as lose body fat now a lot of dudes online will say. No you can’t do both you can do one or the other these are the same dudes that have off seasons and do bulking diets and get sloppy. Fat diet is crap they eat like crap their calories are super high and they’re like yo I’m gaining muscle know. You’re just getting fat gentlemen if you eat a proper diet if you’re eating the right calories the right stuff. You can absolutely break your muscle tissue down build it up bigger lose body fat all at the same time. You need to be working out properly you need to be breaking down the muscle tissue you need to be doing cardio. If you’re looking to lose body fat you also need to rest give your body time to recover and rebuild regenerate.

You also and most importantly need to have your diet right all right. I mean eating the proper protein and calories in order to rebuild the muscles and maintain a lean sexy super fine physique. Today I’m going over ten of the best foods to gain muscle and lose fat Easton or like the rockstars of the muscle building world their power packed with protein. They’re super lean and they are incredible before we talk about the food we need to understand real quick how muscle building works. You lift weights right that’s how you break down muscle tissue muscle is made up of protein. Protein is made up of amino acids alright and what happens is when you break these amino acids or muscle fibers down. They’re like yo we need some more in order to rebuild bigger and stronger and so you consume protein your body does its thing it synthesizes.

It back muscles are like yo I’ll take those Thanks and then they shuttle them to the damaged muscle rebuilding them bigger and stronger that in a nutshell is how you gain muscle. And if you guys are looking for an incredible workout. You need to try my program called tailored that I’ve developed with bodybuilding. It’s on your phone it’s all like it’s insane and my program is ridiculous gentlemen. It will kick your ass you give me six weeks. You bust your ass I’ll give you a better body. But part of that is diet the first food that I would recommend you eat. If you’re looking to pack on serious muscle and lose a body fat is eggs. Eggs are the best in my opinion for a few different reasons. Number one they’re super affordable they’re accessible. They’re everywhere in terms of grocery stores and they’re easy right you can go in a lot of stores will actually sell them pre hard-boiled. Or you can just boil a bunch at home shell them bring them with you in a baggie and have an incredibly powerpack snack.

That has amazing amino acids to build those muscles big man talk about eggs without talking about its super sexy feathered friend. Number two chicken so when it comes to chicken they’re a bunch of different parts right you got chicken breast you got thighs. You got legs you got wings and really the fat content is going to differ depending on the part of the chicken. you’re eating breast is going to be your best option it is the leanest but this doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a thigh in there a little dark meat. Because it’s higher in fat but it is more delicious number three salmon my opinion there is no a better fish that you can eat for building incredible muscle than salmon because of the fat content. Now remember I’ll chicken I was like I stay away from the chicken fat the reason. Is because the chicken fat it’s not like the good fat saturated stuff that gets in and clogs your arteries. And sits around your midsection all that unsexy. and healthy stuff salmon on the other hand contains amazing glorious amounts of omega-3 omega-3 is an essential fat.

That we need oh my god every single part of our body needs and our brain needs that our body needs. it our testosterone needs it before Greek yogurt tend cottage cheese sweet yogurt is incredible cottage cheese is a rock star. The upside it has amazing protein. It’s got both slow and fast digesting protein. It’s got way which is fast digesting. Which we’ll talk about encasing on the other hand is a slower digesting protein.

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