Diet To Build Lean Muscle Mass

Diet For Lean Muscle Mass

Do you need weight gaining home remedies. I’m going to kind of show you my full day of eating while I’m in a lean mass space. So lean mass space is basically a phase of a couple of months or maybe even years. If you want to where you try and put on lean muscle mass or minimizing the amount of fat in to gain. So I will not be consuming a crazy amount of calories in my situation. There will be thirty three hundred calories the five into six healthy meals and also divided into a certain amount of macronutrient breakdown. So that breakdown we’re going to start off with some breakfast. So let me show you guys so our most important tool of today. Is going to be the skill because we’re going to wait every single thing out. That we eat in order to make sure that we get in the amount of macronutrients that we want.

We’re having oatmeal this is something I really love and enjoy as my breakfast it holds me over for a pretty long time and I’m also adding an apple to it which I cut while the oatmeal is actually cooked in the microwave for around two minutes and I add some boiling water to my oatmeal. Now the reason for that is that I like my oatmeal not to be too thick. So this is personal preference and I’m only using a certain amount of milk. So it gets pretty thick and then I add some boiling water to make it less thick. So that’s personal add some cacao powder to give it that chocolate flavor apple and some peanut butter for some extra fat guys. So that’s my breakfast oatmeal protein carbs and fats I love this breakfast guys So guys just get back from the gym and upper-body workout programmes.


So I took a shower got dressed and all that because I’m about to go to school a little second. But it’s going to be a protein milk shitty and so I only have to go to school for about an hour. So afterwards I will have a real meal. so this is just going to be something to hold me over a little bit. So let me show you guys how it’s done all right. So you’re going to need the following ingredients some milk a frozen banana so you want to peel it before you put it in freezer and some whey protein. One school of protein I got a chocolate flavor you might want to add some ice cubes but that’s personal preference and as a finishing touch I would like add a little bit more cacao powder. Right guys we’ve got the milky here here you can see how much volume. We get for not a lot of calories guys.

Let me show you this one glass and now we still got around to blessed laughs. So you got three glasses of milk shake. so around 300 calories I’m not sure I put it on screen but um it’s really really bad good oh yeah so I’m about to drink this right now and then I’m about to go to school and I’ll see you guys at the next meal all right so just come back home about to prep my Derby right now and I’m going to cook chicken in both. So I’m going to make one kg of chicken right now that’s good for the rest of the week. so it’s always pretty nice. I’m cooped chicken for the rest of the week so I don’t have to cook every single day. I’m going to cut it up and I’m actually going to put it in the oven because we’re going to marinate the chicken and then put it in the oven and it gives a really nice taste to it.


So let’s get it go alright guys so a lot of you been asking me how I still can eat chicken after a few days I’m out of Tupperware and not having it tastes like some dry stuff. Now the main part I think is because I’ve marinate my chicken then afterwards I put it in the freezer a bunch of it and I take it out of the freezer. I put it in the fridge one day before I’m eating it and in this way it stays pretty tasty now. You’ll also see that when I’m baking my veggies into this pan. I will add the chicken to it again now especially after a few days if you put it in the fridge. You can also microwave the chicken separately but I believe that by baking it with the veggies and with the sauce added on the flavor is way better.

So this is body fortress mass gainer review how I like to do it guys and as for the veggies just do whatever you like if you like a certain vegetable and then use it I like to switch it up from day to day in order to not be very bored alright. All right so this is another meal I’ve been making a lot lately and this is basically some whole eggs and then hash browns and I think it’s pretty awesome. I ate this in America a lot and I’m just making it myself and it’s still pretty good still adding some vegetables. now you guys see me eating a lot of vegetables and the reason also a lot of whole foods and the reason is basically that they just my appetite is just ridiculous lately guys.

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