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Bodybuilding Snacks

Do you take bodybuilder snacks. I am going to cook something today. I’m going to cook it in butter because where’s Tommy to simply and it tastes fantastic and we’re using a porter house cut as well this is grass-fed beef. If you can grass-fed beef is a lot better than grain fed. It’s got bette fats in it but I mean do it. You can’t can my telling you guys to go. You might get 80 bucks a grand but do what you can and then. I’m just going to steam the vegetables and then they give him a quick fry in whatever is left over in the pan. Is it tastes fantastic so yeah. I’m going to watch these interesting them just put them in microwave. So with the steak just salt and pepper the tops and just massage it like you’re giving it a deep tissue. Now it’s going to cook the steak I like to put on medium and use it just a little a little knob of butter I think is that is the right word. We’re using here so Chuck a knob of butter in only a lot of people are scared of butter because they’ve been told. It’s so bad but it is just an animal fat. When you think about it if I used to when I was on keto diet. I only used to cook with butter and have all my meals veggies with butter and it tastes so much better.

So I’m serious something you guys can definitely try out. If you want to actually eat good tasting food when I’m cooking this the whole time. I’m cooking it see the juices you just get a spoon them up and just keep basting it over the top just cooking it in that butter. So I’m just going to let that rest on the plate and then I’ll finish off their vegetables in here. So we’ve got the greens cooking away smell that guys smell that so we’ve got about a hundred men at the cook steak and some vegetables inside and we’re also doing some sauerkraut. It’s really good for your digestive system. Actually what the taste of it a bit. it’s a bit strange but I like it good probiotics and yeah and fermented foods. Oh get out there see that’s way too much way too much like here. We go guys this is meal – we’ve got hundreds a steak some greens and some sauerkraut and it’s protein and fats so on my current diet. I’m having a lot more fats like you saw this is cooking butter and it’s just protein and fats and again. This isn’t a massive steak massive. It’s not a huge steak it’s only 100 grams so the protein is still going around 30 grams. It’s nothing too crazy you’re not having a half a kilo and mate because too hard protein doesn’t it actually can only hurt in my opinion.

Is your body still going to process it. So proteins pretty moderate and the fats are a lot higher. so what we’re trying to do here is optimize insulin sensitivity. Not piling all these carbs and have my blood Sugar’s out of control. I think later on we’ll put some more carbs indefinitely and but it’s just going to be in time. I really enjoy eating protein and fats excuse me a little pull-off and it’s so much tastier all the flavor is in fats so if you guys want to make your veggies taste even better put oil on them. Put butter on them wouldn’t a tell on them you know do whatever you want really. But yeah this is one of my favorite meals I only just put red-baiting when do we do it two days ago. So I’m loving it so far check out this day see that focus on my steak camera look at it. I really don’t want to touch the lens just piece of steak.

I’m going to do cardio not directly after this I’ll probably throw up but soon and then I’ll show you the next meal yes I’m still doing cardio when I’m bulking say. You’re walking some fat in the past. I’ve cut it out completely and also in the past. I’ve got an fat as a housemaid and so we’re keeping the cardio in minimum probably 40 minutes a day. Like I train legs morning so I’ll probably do a quick one today because they’re going to be like sugar-free jelly this is the pre exercise fat burner mango oxy shred absolutely delicious it just gives you a bit of an like energy burst so if in the mornings I might have two scoops. But I’ve already had a scoop this morning so I don’t want double up and have a heart attack.

But we’ll just have this before we go and I might take bear with me otherwise. She’ll get upset. We’re going to head down to the beach do some cardio 40 minutes and then by the time. I get back it’ll probably be time for my snack. I try not to snack as such I don’t really that’s what we’re talking about is new frequency people think you need to eat every single hour in which case you. Don’t like this morning for example I train fasted and then came home and had my post-workout meal. So I had an extended period without food which is absolutely fine.

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