Best Weight Gainer Diet Plan

Weight Gaining With Best Food

Do you want to talk about weight gainers diet plan. Another is protein powder in my opinion if you lift weights you need to be taking a whey protein. at least once a day me I take it twice a day post-workout and usually in the morning like with some oatmeal to give me some carbohydrates the calories are super low guys. if you are looking for in my opinion the best protein on the market now because they just came out with it is the signature series by this stuff tastes incredible the chocolate. Signature Series whey protein is incredible and why I say that is because of this the amino acid profile is absolutely insane. it’s ridiculous guys this stuff it absorbs super quick. it’s a great product if you’re not currently or you’re not really satisfied with your whey protein guys hit .

We talked about casein protein guess what they’ve got that too and that’s something that I was so excited to see because a lot of brands and a lot of companies don’t have casein. this stuff is a slower digesting protein as this one same amount of protein same like amount of calories. it just digest slower because it’s slower digesting this is perfect for taking like before you go to bed. so that while you’re sleeping your body isn’t like empty because while we sleep this is when our body does what it does it rebuilds it bigger stronger including our muscles. and so before you go to bed if you work out take a scoop of protein for those of you are a hard gainer. and you have a tough time putting on muscle mass and you’re like yo. I don’t need to be leaner I just need calories guys this stuff is insane. it’s their weight gainer basically it’s 810 calories per serving it’s two scoops.

But the beautiful thing about this as opposed to a lot of other weight gainers on the market is that this doesn’t have a crazy amount of sugar on the back. it also has this little like menu where if you want to customize this like it’ll be like a de banana and it tells you like how many additional calories. it’ll be like Greek yogurt coconut milk. it’s just really great product really cool. so if you’re somebody who has a tough time gaining weight. you need like a ton of calories and that is the perfect product has done an incredible job with the Signature Series. every product I’ve tried from them in this line is just amazing and I think it’s really because they’ve got an unfair competitive advantage right. they’ve got all these resources out there to make and build the best products and give them to you at an amazing affordable price. guys

Another is lean beef in terms of protein in terms of calories in terms of muscle building lean beef is amazing now if you’re looking to get lean and lose body fat. I would definitely look for the leanest beef you can find there are a lot of stores that will sell like 97 percent lean or 93 or 95 somewhere in the 90 percent range is what. you’re looking for if you dig beef and you want to go a little healthier. a little leaner you should definitely try number seven which is bison is amazing if you like red meat you’ve got to try it. right it comes very similar to ground beef right you can get ground bison. but you can also buy like bison steaks and all that good stuff. there’s a bunch of reasons why bison is better than beef if you’re interested and you’ve never tried it do some research.

Do some online searching it’s amazing and it’s super tasty it tastes very beefy hays beefy if you like the taste the beef bison is like a more robust beef flavor and it’s just it’s an it’s delicious speaking of delicious number eight pork. pork is the other white meat baby it’s also bacon. bacon is not necessarily the lean stuff it’s also not what I would recommend. what I would check out is pork tenderloin or pork chops they’re super lean they’re delicious you can cut off like the marbling or the fat around it. if you want to make it like even leaner and it’s delicious it’s tender and it just tastes in my opinion better than chicken because when you’ve eaten a lot of chicken anything’s better than checking.

Another that I actually don’t think is better than chicken ground turkey ground turkey. I have a love-hate relationship with it is lean. you can find it like different leanness levels but I think it is the most bland dry stuff out there but if you’re somebody who is looking to get lean build muscle. it is definitely power packed with protein and it’s an amazing protein source right. but I just I think it’s so I just don’t like it but I compared to number ten. I love turkey tuna fish I have tried to eat tuna. I’ve tried to like Turner because of how much proteins in there because it’s quick it’s easy it’s portable. you can just like pop it open and eat it right out of a live tribe of sushi. I love roll tuna but the canned stuff I think personally is disgusting but if you can do it like. it’s amazing in terms of protein packed muscle building potential and that’s it guys my pick for the 10 best foods. that will help you a build muscle lose body fat fast and fast this kind of relative right you got to do the work it does take time. but if you double down on these foods and consume the right amount of protein.

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