Best Meal Plan and Workout

Best Meal Plan ans Workout

Many of us have the same question what do I need to eat to gain muscle mass. What your nutrition looks like, what your workout looks like and even what your business looks like. And what I wanted to do was, do exactly that. Show you guys how it all starts and what it looks like from a day to day for me. And it’s pretty much to same a lot of the times for me, I like to have a routine and a schedule. And I think it’s a very important thing for those that want to try to get to a certain goal. Be very focused, have a schedule, try to stick to it as much as you can. For me, it all starts Breakfast at 8:30 in the morning. I get up at about 8, I’m not the earliest riser in the world but you’ll see why that is as this day plays out. And for me again, I’ve showed a lot of different meals that I like to eat.

My favorite one, Pumpkin Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs and Salsa, some Skim Milk, Kiwi Slices. There’s no fear of carbohydrates here guys, I actually enjoy eating carbohydrates. I eat Protein, I get everything I need here in the morning to get me to feel the way I need to get my day started. This is just one representative example. And it’s off to Business. AX Business. Guys it’s obviously a lot to do to get ATHLEANX to represent the ideal that I want it to. To be the Best in Fitness. Not just an OK, remember I said don’t want to be ever be average and the same thing holds through in our business.

I don’t want to be average, I want to be the Best and I want our business to represent that. And I get to work on that and I start working early and I keep that going. Around mid morning I’m still working but I take a break to have a snack. And for me, this is a typical day for yesterday, I had an RX2 Shake with Bananas and Strawberries. So RX2 is our post workout but on days that I know I’m going to be super busy, especially days that I’m going to be training, which you’ll see later on, I’ll have an RX2 Shake, it’s a perfect snack for me. It’s easy for me to make in the morning and take with me. So I’m ready to go and I have no concerns about my nutrition at that point, which a lot of people can trip up usually in that mid morning. And it’s on the Conference Calls, Distance Coaching and Training. So here the work shifts a little bit, so now I’ve got to be focused a little bit. Whether I have a Conference Call as a consultant for a team or whether I have to consult with one of my Athletes who doesn’t live in the Northeast. This is when I try to do that. It’s my Distance Coaching time.

So we’ll try to catch up on a program, go over what it is that I want them to do for that given week or the next phase and period of time. Just to check in. I have to make sure that I’m on top of what my Athletes are doing or I feel like, not only do I lose a little bit of control, but it’s very very easy, even for guys that are being paid to do this for a living for them to slip out of their schedule as well. So it’s my job as a Coach to rein them in and make sure they’re on track. Then Lunch, 1:45. I do eat a little bit of a later lunch but that’s because again, this whole morning was filled with work. My lunch yesterday matter of fact, Grilled Cajun Chicken Wrap with Grilled Vegetables, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Hot Sauce, a Greek Yogurt. I’m loving the Chobani Banana and Oats at the moment so I had that.

And then a bottle of Sparkling Water. Sparkling Water is one of my biggest secrets for making sure that I can drink enough water in a day. I love the difference between Sparkling Water and flat water. I can drink Sparkling Water by the bottle and continue to drink it and not even think about it. Whereas bottled water and regular flat water a lot of times feels like a chore to me. If you feel the same, I would definitely try Sparkling Water.

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